• Sailing on the Brilliant.  Photo by C. Chatfield (2013)

Setting a course for a new destination brings both opportunities and challenges.  The best part about this journey is that we each set our own path – our lives are exercises in design.

Design is based on building blocks and it takes time to see how that design will evolve.  These pages are the building blocks of something that is evolving towards something that is not yet clearly defined. Your feedback will make it better.  Please leave comments to help me understand how I can better communicate my ideas to you – what lands from both a process and content point of view.

A brief word on my own personal philosophy on learning.  One of my top 5 strengths from the Gallup Strengthsfinder test is “Learner”.   A small excerpt on that strength follows:  tps://news.gallup.com/businessjournal/694/learner.aspx

The process, more than the content or the result, is especially exciting for you. You are energized by the steady and deliberate journey from ignorance to competence. The thrill of the first few facts, the early efforts to recite or practice what you have learned, the growing confidence of a skill mastered — this is the process that entices you.

As one of my previous CEOs said, “We are all smarter together”.  I appreciate and look forward to having you share this journey with me.

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