a series of 3 mobius strips

Reflections On My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

I’ve used a Mobius strip for my website logo.  Why a Mobius strip?  It’s intended to show that learning is infinite.  I learn to teach and I teach to learn.  Since my teaching niche is focused on adults - both formally in the classroom as well as in the workplace - I may not be teaching the youth of the future, but I am teaching those that still have a significant ability to make a...
to describe the 4 parts of appreciative inquiry

Experts and Novices

There were many things in Benander’s article that resonated with me.  As an article in a journal that focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning, I feel strongly that there is a need to integrate the concept of leadership and organizational behavior into our teaching tool kits.    From a personal leadership perspective, one needs to have the courage to move in with Beginner’s...
to show the work out loud learn out loud model

Personal Learning Networks – initial thoughts

It looks like we may be using the words Personal Learning Networks (PLN) and Personal Learning Environments (PLE) interchangeably.  At the moment, I have a preference for PLN as my term of art so I’ll work with that term for this blog post and see how my thinking on this topic evolves over the semester.  I’ll also focus on my education PLN since my risk PLN is a bit more established. ...