Rain Vortex indoor waterfall at Singapore's Jewel Changi international airport.

The Rain Vortex indoor waterfall at Singapore’s Jewel Changi international airport.  Photo by Joe Green on Unsplash


This picture is a great way to show how I think about my PLN.  At the heart of the picture is a robust and dynamic infrastructure containing several levels and several integrated microclimates.  The greenery connects with my earlier garden metaphor in why I have a website and the water needed to sustain both the garden and the PLN is central and ever-present.  The architecture shows the boundaries of the Personal Learning Environment and the various Personal Learning Communities can meet at various points within the PLE.  The Personal Learning Network is comprised of the trees and plants, which while probably not as connected as in the movie “Avatar” are both diverse and related.  The landscape is continuously evolving and would not exist without these various specimens which I might prune to limit growth, to encourage growth or to share with others.  These specimens might grow or die based on my needs and interests.

I appreciate you visiting my PLN garden.  Click here if you’d like to see this as a Spark presentation.  Feel free to explore and leave your comments as to what you would add to my gardens of Collect, Connect, Reflect, and Share.