I focused on developing an epub product that would be helpful to my students for their largest assignment in the course.  I used Book Creator.  It was easy to get started, add and subtract pages, and figure out how to add materials in different formats.  I would have preferred something that allowed me to format the product a bit more.  I chose to offer the book as a 2-page format which I think works well if the book is accessed online.  I think it will be problematic if one tries to print the book.

As created in Book Creator  – preferred if you would like to have some of the material read out loud and want to see the pages in sequence!

Chatfield – decision brief  downloaded as PDF and printable

I was unable to directly load the epub format to the website since the epub format is not supported for security reasons.  However, I can offer access to the work product in the following ways.  There is also an option to publish online, but I chose not to pursue that option at this time.

Feedback welcomed!