a series of 3 mobius strips

Reflections On My Philosophy of Teaching and Learning

I’ve used a Mobius strip for my website logo.  Why a Mobius strip?  It’s intended to show that learning is infinite.  I learn to teach and I teach to learn.  Since my teaching niche is focused on adults - both formally in the classroom as well as in the workplace - I may not be teaching the youth of the future, but I am teaching those that still have a significant ability to make a...
to describe the 4 parts of appreciative inquiry

Experts and Novices

There were many things in Benander’s article that resonated with me.  As an article in a journal that focuses on the scholarship of teaching and learning, I feel strongly that there is a need to integrate the concept of leadership and organizational behavior into our teaching tool kits.    From a personal leadership perspective, one needs to have the courage to move in with Beginner’s...