Rain Vortex indoor waterfall at Singapore's Jewel Changi international airport.

PLN Musings continued

While I have a Twitter account, I don't tweet - I just don't find that medium to be to my liking and I rarely find anything useful there.  So I'll share my reflections on the two articles here...I truly resonated with Cormier’s blog post - the reference to plants through the mycelium has excellent symbolism for any network and suggests a sharing that is not defined by any boundaries.  I could...
Google Doodle on Labor Day

Welcome to my garden!

Why does a domain of one’s own matter?  Why indeed?   On this Labor Day, 2020, I’m sharing the Google Doodle, showing of all things, the labor we invest in building things.  Like domains.  Presence.  Community.  Perspective. Certainly from a marketing perspective, one could argue that it’s far more important than you think...It’s space that you own, with metrics and Search Engine...