Rain Vortex indoor waterfall at Singapore's Jewel Changi international airport.

PLN Musings continued

While I have a Twitter account, I don’t tweet – I just don’t find that medium to be to my liking and I rarely find anything useful there.  So I’ll share my reflections on the two articles here…I truly resonated with Cormier’s blog post – the reference to plants through the mycelium has excellent symbolism for any network and suggests a sharing that is not defined by any boundaries.  I could have taken this towards the Internet analogy as well with bots and AI automatically collecting data for me.  Dan’s presentation was helpful as well as I was trying to picture what my picture could be.  What I’ve really taken away from this is that I have control to build the network that will add the most value to my life (hence, no Twitter).  Building my PLN is why I decided to pursue the ONID program.  Recognizing my gaps in knowledge and perspective is also an opportunity to expand my boundaries such as with the anti-racism blog post I shared earlier.

And the link to my PLN picture  although it’s not one of my better SPARK creations


5 thoughts on “PLN Musings continued

  1. I understand your hesitation on twitter. Within days of making mine public again for this class I was getting very “strange” messages by people I didn’t follow or know. Makes me very uncomfortable. I was able to block them and I haven’t had an issue since but still…..I enjoyed your PLN, and like when I looked at Morgan’s I found myself saying to myself, “I need to add that one!”

  2. Hi Catherine, interesting connectedness in your PLN creation. It’s a shame you’re not on Twitter much – Dave Cormier is a reason to use it. I recommend following him. Building something of value is paramount, but there’s just enough value on Twitter, in terms of professional connections, that it is hard to dismiss.

    I very much appreciate the image you chose – when I saw it, I thought “That must be in Singapore!”


    1. Sean, I loved that picture of Singapore – I am looking forward to the time when we can visit – I think it would be a fascinating place.

      Thanks for the twitter recommendations. It may be something I can implement at a quieter time in my life. I would so much appreciate more time to read and reflect. These days, it feels more like there is only time to respond. As they say, having it all does not mean having it all at once. Thanks again.

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