Closing the books on our photography assignment…at least for now

As you might have gathered, I love to play with photography.  I’m still learning the mechanics of my camera and based on some courses I took in 2015, I don’t shoot with “auto”, but with the camera set at P for programming.  I also have the settings set to take multiple pictures at a time as needed.  I find that my greatest challenge is in getting the focus that I want, especially since I like to shoot animals in all sorts of environments.

This assignment was a lovely opportunity to play with something for which I usually don’t give myself the luxury of time.  I enjoyed all of my pictures, or at least my picture-taking adventures, and I can always find ways to improve my skills in this area.  I found that I used a combination of tools – Google Photos, Microsoft Photos, and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Future assignments will focus on an actual class deliverable – something that will test my instructional design skills.

In the meantime, which picture did you like best and why?

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