2023 Fall Week 12 Reflections – Peer Feedback

Thanks to those of you who were willing to go on the peer review assignment journey with me – This is one of the exercises that I continue to modify.  The course used to have people review the presentations AFTER they were submitted, and I feel that this approach misses the opportunity for students to learn from others as well as submit a better work product.  If we connect this exercise with Claudia’s visual communication discussion board, we looked at last week, I find them to be highly related!  However, I’ll look to see if I can make this exercise work better using a discussion board – perhaps having everyone post in a shared area and then responding to each post by observing one pro and one opportunity for improvement with a rubric based on the number of responses you provide….sorry, I’m thinking out loud at the moment.

Based on human nature, we can find it difficult to provide feedback, especially to our peers, although learning how to deliver effective feedback is an important skill that will serve us all in future environments.  Think about hot washes and lessons learned as being a normal part of doing business – we rarely get things right the first time – and in this line of work, we have to be open to how to do things better.  Also remember that feedback is a gift, and much as we might not like all the gifts we receive, we always have the choice on what to do with the feedback we receive. .

We’re clearly winding up the semester with the decision brief being the primary deliverable – do let me know if you have questions/concerns that I can address.

In the meantime, be safe and well.

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